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Sewage Back-Up Services in Vancouver

A sewage backup is when waste flows backward into the home from a faucet, toilet, shower, bathtub, or any other water connected appliance. It usually occurs due to blockage, flooding, or a pipe burst. Therefore, your lowest drains are the most likely to regurgitate sewage.

The reason why sewage backups are such a big deal is that they often involve what the industry refers to as “black water”, the third and most severe classification of floodwater. Black water is highly contaminated and poses a significant risk of illness or death if consumed by humans, but it can also make people sick by simply breathing in particles in the air or through other avenues of exposure. But sewage backups are not the only source of black water; it can also come from rising floodwaters that spill into basements or when groundwater begins to flow into your property.

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Fresh Start Restoration is a full-repair restoration company, but what does that mean? In addition to doing repairs on your damaged plumbing system, we will also work to decontaminate your home by using industrial strength cleaning solutions that will kill bacteria without causing more damage to wood or textiles, or to your health. After decontamination, we use our water extraction techniques to completely dry out your property. With the use of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, we remove all odors and make sure the air quality in your home is restored. Furthermore, we also take care of the pack out and storage of all salvageable contents. Finally, our repair team will take care of all the repairs your home needs to return to its previous condition or better!

Prompt action is the key to successful sewage cleanup. Call us immediately if you’re suffering from a sewage backup. We’ll be there within 45 minutes of your call.