Are you looking to invest in and renovate a house in order to get the best value?

Thinking where to start and stay on budget?

As we start planning your dream home, there are many factors to consider as well as many professionals involved. We have them all in house, so the designers, engineers and contractors  Electricians and plumbers, communicate well with each other for the best results. We work together so your dream will meet the right budget.

Starting a renovation in an existing house, especially in vancouver can expose many surprises. If you do it with the right knowledge, you will discover some of it even before you take down a wall.  Our goal is to prevent surprises. How? Our restoration department can take care of any hazardous materials can be found. Asbestos, mould, lead and oil tank .We cover all aspects of your renovation, working hand in hand with worksafe b.c and according to their specific guidelines